Website?  Sure!  

Website Maintenance... what's that?!

You already have a website, so you don't need our help?  Not exactly.  What's the purpose of your site?  For your customers to find you, or see that you're 'up-to-date' with the internet?  That's a good start, but just the beginning.

Ex. You are looking to expand your business, but no one is calling you because they can't find you online. You have a website, but if it's not actively being updated or has out of date information it could actually be hurting you more than helping.

Where do you start?  Monthly website maintenance to update content and keywords is a must. A couple hours a week can drastically change how people communicate with you.  Have you been seeing more people interact with your business via email than phone calls?  If you're unsure how to answer that, let's talk!