Win with Local SEO

If you’re one of the millions of people that search for a business on Google, you are using search engine optimization without even knowing it.  228 million people use Google search every HOUR!  Wow, that sounds a little overwhelming.  What are people searching for, what’s in your search history?  

If you’ve purchased something online recently, you’ve probably done a bit of research before continuing to your cart and you’re not alone.  Most people research at least 3 sites until they complete their purchase or contact the company, but where are they finding businesses?  Google Maps.  By using Google Maps and being able to do a little research this leaves people feeling satisfied and that they’ve made the best decision.  Outside of comparing costs, reviews are the biggest winner. Have you noticed the star rating next to some of your competitors, but you’re not seeing your businesses?  It’s part of the key to success, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  You know your business’ customer service is the best, let’s tell people about it!  If you’re selling a product, offering a service or work in the B2B space people are looking for you.

When you’re looking into SEO and how to win, please, please ask the experts that you’re hiring if they’re focusing on Local SEO or SEO Keywords.  This will make a huge difference.  If you’re a local business, or small business you need to focus on Local SEO!

Local SEO utilizing Google Maps and Google My Business.  Online Marketing company in Grand Rapids MI.